What to wear is a conscious choice conditioned by the awareness of one’s own image reflected back through the eyes of the other. We experience fashion on a daily basis by walking around cities and buildings, seeing and being seen, exposing our choices, making statements or refusing to make one.  The new Antwerp Fashion Lab is an open stage-tool, visible and available for the fashion district in Antwerp. The program includes a café, ateliers, workshops, kitchen, office, showroom and living area for the use of fashion students. The ateliers are located 1.5 m below street level. The communal kitchen, workshops and lounge area are divided into three open levels. The ateliers on the bottom are the ground to all the other  functions, opening outwards, where passers-by acknowledge not only the production process, but also it’s direction upwards, where the showroom is located, completely closed to the street.  In the tiny-house attachment on the very top of the building are two studio apartments and a common rooftop garden.
Introduction to Design - Summer Semester 2018 / IRGE - Institut für Raumkonzeptionen und Grundlagen des Entwerfens / Supervised by Prof. Dipl. -Ing. Markus Allmann, Dipl. -Ing. Kyra Bullert, Kyril Keller / University of Stuttgart
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